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PEREGIAN BEACH IS A 5 MIN WALK TO the ocean and PROPER relaxation
WE HAVE A 7 x 3.5m

raison d'être

Saturate stands out in the creative landscape due to our devotion to our high level of craft. As an agency, we are dedicated to infusing every project with unparalleled creativity that resonates deeply with target audiences. We pride ourselves on transforming client goals into visions that create tangible success. Our holistic approach to branding, design, and campaign ensures that we don't just capture market attention we captivate it. Our raison d'etre is to create exceptional work, balancing it with the beaches of Australia, and to infuse the spirit of our time within our work. And every year, we find ourselves drawn to the Eastern France and Switzerland, further enriching our global lens and enthusiasm. The privilege of proximity to Parisian elegance and the precision of Swiss Design has transformed us.
We have a Euro-Australian mindset that's created a work ethic of exactitude with a casual tone. When we were christening our bureau, we sought to intertwine the rigour of our craft with our profound affection for the coastlines of Noosa and the Sunshine Coast. At the heart of our work lies the brilliance of light and the vibrancy of colour, much like the azure hues of the sea. We've always felt a deep connection to water; it's therapeutic, nurturing our spirits. It seems serendipitous to our story that Saturate was born in the depths of a surfboard factory on the outskirts of Noosa. It's all about the flow. At Saturate, we don’t just create; we transform, delivering more than just results—we deliver legacies.

Lulu + Andrew Maccoll - Founders

Core Team

Ludivine Maccoll


Andrew Maccoll

Creative Director

Rob Maccoll

Visuals Director

Noah Sievert-Kloster



Ryan Shelton
UX Advisory
Christian Patey
Sound Design
Jake Donlen
Asensio Arias
Web3 / Dev / VFX
Geoff Thomsen
VFX Specialist
Margie Maccoll
Senior Copy Writer
Andre Eberle
Art Director
Jon Coghill
Script Writer



Decades of research and constant exposure to cutting edge world class creative informs our encyclopaedic ability to be able to forecast trends + create the future.


We believe joining forces and using effective ways to team integrate creates better outcomes in co-creation. Partnership is the key to our success.


We are leaders in creative. Named Australian Designer of the Year. We have 2 Good Design Awards, a Walkley Award and a UN Peace Prize for Media.


We value transparency + honesty. Communication, accountability and respect sit at the top of our work ethic and daily approach.


We are extremely thorough in our craft. Our methodical approach is an inherent and permanent characteristic.


Our team are highly skilled and specialised. We’ve worked with the best of the best and bring that energy to your toolkit.

from NOOSA.

Distributed Value

Our teams capability for excellence has increased dramatically since migrating to the beach. We have space to create with a lifestyle that’s second to none. Being invited to base our design studio in a state of the art technology hub at has meant we are capable of relaxed clarity of mind with the highest exacting standards of work.

TSI Index

The Sunshine Coast has been announced by the Tourism Sentiment Index in 2022 as the World’s Most Loved Destination from 1.8 Billion travellers online. It truly is a wonderous place to live. We share our home with Billionaires, F1 drivers and former Prime Ministers as well as World Champion Surfers. It’s a dream come true.


Our team are mostly Sydney agency + media expats. We’re as comfortable sipping oat milk cappucinos in Byron as we are an espresso at the NGV or a beer at the Opera House bar. We’re regularly in Sydney for 9am meetings and are often on location around Australia. Our love for this country sees us working  everywhere from Port Douglas to Perth.

No city stress
Freedom to create
Immersive Days
Space to breathe
Deep rested breaks
Focused work
High productivity


Design Studio

Our design and brand studio is located inside a cutting-edge environment for technology companies & founders on the Sunshine Coast in Peregian Beach, Noosa. The studio features gigabit fibre internet from the Japan to Marcoola undersea cable. We have a 7m x 3.5m LED Virtual Production room, an intimate product and interview film set, podcasting room, multiple meeting rooms and workshop and event space. MCY Domestic / International airport is 17 minutes drive allowing same day access to SYD / MEL.

Film Studios

We have 4 photography and film studio locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and 3 on the Sunshine Coast. The studios can accommodate small to very large crews at full service. Both Sydney and Melbourne studios are fully catered and feature Bose stereo systems. All studios are equipped with a cyclorama, black curtains, private green rooms, digi-ops and product tables as well as clothing racks. 1 in each location features roller door access and can fit a Lamborghini Aventador or similar sized vehicle.


David Low Way
Peregian Beach
Australia 4573

Maddox st
nsw 2015

buckhurst st
south melbourne
vic 3205
sunshine coast

technology dr
qld 4575

DesignED for Sustainability

The Sunshine Coast is the only place in the world where 3 UNESCO Biospheres align. Our studio is located within the Northern Biosphere. Which means sustainability is embedded in our cultural approach.

Servers run on 100% renewable energy
Solar Power
Data centers with no air conditioning
Recycling program
Servers used until 15 years old
200% of CO2 Offsetting for cloud services

Discovery Session

We invite you to join us for a complimentary 30-minute discovery session. We'd like to learn about your project, plus share our thoughts and insights to get you started.

We're a remote based Sunshine Coast Creative Agency servicing APAC so if you're in Noosa pop in, if you're elsewhere lets line up a video chat.

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