Susan Ewington

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Susan Ewington

Specialising in hand crafted jewellery, including unique engagement & wedding rings, Susan uses the finest of materials to create wearable works of art. Susan's aesthetic has been described as modern yet timeless, clean lines meets organic, her designs often having a contemporary edge matched with classic quality.  Susan also finds durability with a comfortable and wearable nature to be important features of her designs.

Each piece is uniquely handmade in Susan’s Noosa workshop, incorporating traditional manufacturing techniques, a blend of precious metals, and unusual stones and curiosities.  With a strong focus on utilising sustainable and ethically sourced & cut gemstones, Susan is most known for her use of Australian Sapphires and custom cut gemstones. Working with all precious metals including platinum, gold & silver, and all the gemstones including diamonds, sapphires, rubies & more. Susan is also happy to work with existing pieces, heirlooms and vintage, or reuse and recycle old stones & metals.

You'll find Susan's story endearing and heartfelt. A true testimony of an incredibly unique artist.

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